I’m glad you’re here

I’m a thought leader, communicator, life coach, and trainer. I’m passionate about leadership because I know leadership really matters. My life, training, and vocation centers upon leadership. But there is a particular kind of leadership that I know matters the most more than anything else, and that is “Transformational Leadership.”

There are three kinds of leadership. The first two is quite familiar to many people. The last is not commonly known or understood.

First of all, there is what you call “Task Oriented Leadership.” This type of leadership uses coercion, threats or power to force people to follow. This is very common, and it leaves many people disappointed with the whole idea of leadership. Second, there is what you call “Transactional Leadership.” In this type of leadership, rewards and punishments are the main source of motivation. The leader says, “You give me what I want and I will give you what you want.” This, too, is very common, and it causes people to become pragmatic about their work. They will do what they are paid to do, nothing more. The last kind of leadership, which I believe is what is needed today in many organizations, is “Transformational Leadership.” This type of leadership is growth oriented, not just in terms of organizational growth but also personal and interpersonal growth. It is also based on credibility, not power or position. Last but not the least, it inspires and motivates people to aspire for a better future together. This is the kind of leadership that I believe in, practice and teach others to learn.

Invite me to speak at your events or to coach you personally or to train your leadership team or workers, in order to learn how to become Transformational Leaders.

Back Story

I was born in Sta Mesa, Manila, Philippines. When I was in elementary, I felt like a nobody. Because of my height (I was a bit small then), I was bullied by older and taller school mates. I never thought I could be a leader someday. But when I entered college, I found himself being elected to leadership positions, like becoming the president of the class, or the leader of the batch, etc. Then later on, when I started working, the same thing happened. People would choose me and assign me in leadership positions. Later I felt the calling of God to go into full-time ministry. I became a pastor, and I started a church called Real Life Christian Communities. I also studied and completed two post graduate degrees, Master of Divinity (1995) and Master of Theology (2002). I am currently completing my Doctorate in Leadership. I am an adjunct professor at the International Graduate School of Leadership. Later I became involved in the Global Leadership Summit as Facilitator, Producer, and Site Director. Today I am the Regional Marketing Director for the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in Southeast Asia and also the National Marketing Director for the GLS in the Philippines.